Eggs: an unbeatable start to the day


When it comes to giving kids a great start to the day, eggs are simply unbeatable. In fact, when it comes to protein, eggs beat porridge, muesli, and baked beans1. Eggs are packed with 11 essential vitamins and minerals, and the highest quality protein on the planet2. And not only are eggs healthy and nutritious, they’re also eggs-tra delicious and eggs-tremely versatile. Fried, poached, scrambled, in an omelette, or soft-boiled with “soldiers”, eggs make the perfect brekky. They’re also a great lunchbox snack.

A quick and easy way to give growing brains and bodies a boost at morning tea or lunch. Or even after school to tide them over to dinner, or give them the energy and concentration needed for their afterschool activities. And best of all, experts now say, eggs are OK to eat every day of the week3.

The following table shows a few of the nutrients in eggs and how they compare to the recommended dietary intake of the nutrients for children.


Nutrient       Amount in 2 x 60g eggs %RDI %RDI Functions
    4-8 years 9-13 years  
Protein 12.7g 64% 32%-36% Synthesis of body cells, tissues, enzymes, hormones, and antibodies
Vitamin A 239mg 60% 40% Growth, cell differentiation, and eyesight development
Folate 97mg 49% 32%

Growth, maintenance of healthy cells

Zinc 0.5mg 13% 8% Developing muscles and internal organs, immune function
Iron 1.7mg 17% 20% Healthy blood cells, promoting growth
Iodine 43mg 48% 36% Mental development, metabolism
Long-chain omega-3s 114mg 207% 163% Infant growth and development, behaviour, attention and learning


The Journey of an Egg

Eggs are laid by hens on egg farms

Eggs are tested to ensure only the best are used

Eggs are stamped with a code to show their farm of origin

Eggs are weighed, sorted, and packed into cartons

Eggs are refrigerated then transported to stores                                                                                                                                   

Eggs are bought and taken home, for all to enjoy

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