Sacral neuromodulation therapy for bladder and bowel control

Sacral Neuromodulation demonstrates positive results for Pelvic Floor Disorders. It is clinically shown to reduce dysfunctional voiding symptoms* in patients with urge incontinence, urgency-frequency, non-obstructive urinary retention, and chronic faecal incontinence, who have not been able to benefit from more conservative treatments.

Long-term control demonstrated at 5 years
Clinical studies evaluating Sacral Neuromodulation (SNM) for bladder control and bowel control have shown significant and lasting results.*(1,2)

Delivering significant improvements in quality of life

Study data demonstrates that patients who received SNM experienced significantly greater quality of life improvements compared with patients who received standard medical therapy.(1)

The only therapy that lets you test before you treat

You and your patient can find out in as few as 3-14 days whether Sacral Neuromodulation is likely to provide long-term control over symptoms.

Patient case examples

This therapy is not for everyone. Patient selection is important and not everyone who receives SNM will experience the same results as the patients presented below.

33-year-old female with a 4-year history of urgency-frequency
                                              Therapy duration

                   Baseline                  Drug            SNM                SNM
                                            (6months)     (6 months)           (2 years)

Voids/day            25                      20              10                   6

Voids/night            5                       4               0-1                  0-1


34-year-old female with a 5-year history of urinary retention

                                           Therapy duration

                                 Baseline                    SNM 
                                                           (6 months)

Self-catheterisation           3-5 times/day               1/week

Urinary tract infections          1/month               1 since implant

Post-void residual (mL)        300-400                       <50

Urgency episodes/day             3                        None


45-year-old female with urge incontinence and urgency-frequency post sling procedure

                                                             Therapy duration

                                       Baseline             Drug             SNM
                                                         (6 months)       (6 weeks)
Urge-incontinent episodes/day            5                 4             1-2 over 5 days

Voids/day                            Frequent             10                  7

Voids/night                              2-3                 2                None

60-year old female with faecal incontinence

                                                     Therapy duration                                        

                                   Baseline             SNM                SNM                                                                       (3months)            (1 year) 

Weekly incontinence episodes      9                      2                   2

Weekly incontinence days           4                      2                   1


1. Medtronic-sponsored research. InterStimR Therapy Clinical Summary, 2011.

2. Hull T, Giese C, Wexner SD, et al. Dis Colon Rectum. 2013;56(2):234-245.

*Clinical success defined as ≥ 50% reduction in dysfunctional voiding symptoms from baseline.

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