Don't be a turkey, eat some!

It's hard to imagine Christmas without Turkey, but for the rest of the year it seems to drop off the radar a bit.  Which is a shame, because turkey not only tastes good, it can be good for you!

What's inside Turkey?

One serving (33 grams) of turkey breast meat contains only 34 calories and is low in saturated fat and sugar but high in protein.  Not only is turekey high in protein, but the protein quality in it is high! Protein helps keep your muscles strong and can also help keep your blood sugar levels stable.  When you eat foods that are high in protein you feel fuller for longer.  Turkey is also a good source of nutrients like phosphorus, riboflavin and selenium.

  • Phosphorus helps the formation of healthy bones
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) helps break down fats, proteins and sugars and starches and helps provide energy
  • Selenium is important for helping you think better and fighting off infections

How to incorporate more turkey into your diet

Turkey meat can be substituted for beef in a lot of dishes.  Why not try:

  • Delicious turkey meatballs
  • Turkey stir-fry
  • Left-over roast turkey meat for sandwiches
  • Yummy turkey burgers

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