Hands up for chicken

Chicken has always been a popular food for kids and adults alike.  And there's a good reason for this: not only doe it taste good, it can be good for you too.

The good things in chicken

Here are just some of the good things about chicken.

  • An excellent source of protein (important for building muscles
  • An excellent source of niacin (benefits include healthy blood circuation and boosting memory power)
  • A good source of riboflavin (helps provide energy)
  • Contains significant amounts of many minerals good for health including iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium

Free-range chicken vs. conventional chicken

More and more people are realising that allowing chickens to range free is more humane than keeping then cooped up in a barn.  Yes, free-range chickens are house in barns, but to be be labelled free-range they also have access to outdoor areas where they can forage for food during daylight hours just like they were born to.  An added bonus is that they aren't given antibiotics (if they are given them because they need them they can no longer be called free-range).  In addition, growth-promoting hormones are not permitted.  The main difference between free-range and organic chickens is that their feed has to come from organic production (ie, no chemical fertilisers or pesticides used).

Chicken for lunch

Here are some chicken lunchboxes ideas

  • Avocado and chicken wraps, great for the lunchbox
  • Chicken schnitzel, cucumber and lettuce roll
  • Baked chicken strips with dipping sauce
  • Mango and chicken ricepaper rolls

For more information go to:

Australian Chicken Meat Federation: www.tinyurl.com/nql972d

Sustainable Table: www.tinyurl.com/84wrx6L

FREPA. Standards: www.tinyurl.com/o4l7s6b